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Inner Emancipation



Barbara Asimakopoulou

New updated second edition

Be the leader of yourself.

By the end of this book, you will have a clear definition of Coaching and Coach Leader and you will recognize the invaluable contribution of philosophy to achieve happiness and fulfillment in your everyday life.





Barbara Asimakopoulou

New updated second edition

Be the leader of yourself.

Win your inner emancipation, free yourself from limiting beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve you anymore, discover your authentic self and claim the life you deserve.

Take control of your daily life, become the inspiration for your environment, the leader of yourself and others.


You will learn self-emancipation and how to take control of yourself. Inner emancipation is a prerequisite to liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and conventions and achieve a meaningful life for you and the people around you.



  • Coaching and Philosophy as a way of life and a leadership style
  • The “Coach Leader”
  • The original Philosophership model
  • The immense power you hold inside

By the end of this book, you will have a clear definition of Coaching and Coach Leader and you will recognize the invaluable contribution of philosophy to achieve happiness and fulfillment in your everyday life.


  • The leaders of everyday
  • Executives of companies and organizations
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Ambitious people who want to be aware of current trends or methods of management and development internationally


“An incredible source of leadership from Barbara Asimakopoulou! Become an effective and ethical leader who achieves their goals and leads their team to high performance with Inner Emancipation.”

Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world.
New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

“Inner Emancipation” is an excellent book on leadership. It makes the best use of a wide variety of factors – ideas, spiritual elements, mental attributes, etc. – that indeed shape and characterize the leader. Frequent reference to Socrates adds another dimension to the book. Congratulations.”

Georgios Babiniotis, Professor of linguistics at the University of Athens, President of the Arsakeio-Tositseio Schools Educationalist Society

I gained powerful life lessons, valuable instructions, food for thought, introspection, and reflection. Inner emancipation is the power to bring out our hidden potential and the liberation of our highest self from internal obstacles to achieve our most creative expression and development. Barbara shows us the way, drawing from three fields of knowledge.
Philosophy, leadership theory and coaching, masterfully combining truths, lessons and theories that lead to the desired goal.
Each page offers unique value. Philosophical quotes, leadership theories, practical advice from the field of coaching. It is not a book you put aside after reading it but a reference book you often consult to draw strength, inspiration, and knowledge.
I have known Barbara for years and I consider her a living example of optimism, truth seeking and willingness to help those around her using the valuable knowledge she has gained from thorough research and rich professional experience. I wish her wholeheartedly the best and to keep inspiring us with her work and living example. I also wish this book to become a valuable aid and guide for all of us on the path to inner emancipation.

Nancy Papalexandri
Emeritus Professor HRM Athens University of Economics and Business

The question of what makes a good leader and how one can be developed has been incessantly debated since Plato’s time. Relying on modern Psychological Theories and, most importantly, on ancient Greek Philosophy, Barbara Asimakopoulou proposes coaching as the best leadership development approach. The search for authenticity, self-knowledge, truth, freedom, and responsibility shapes a personality that refuses to be trapped in conventions and constantly seeks inner emancipation. The goal is the Aristotelian “eudaimonia”.
Leaders who take inner emancipation seriously become catalysts for positive change not only for themselves but also for others. This applies not only to those at the top of the pyramid but to anyone who has influence over other people, in short, all of us. Barbara Asimakopoulou maps the way to inner emancipation using simple, lucid, and up-to-date language. She popularizes complex theories and philosophical ideas, incorporating them into modern management. Readers learn and are prompted to reflect. Business executives, in particular, have a lot to gain.

Haridimos Tsoukas
Professor of Strategic Management at Columbia Ship Management, University of Cyprus, & Professor of Organizational Behavior, University of Warwick

Ancient philosophy meets the principles of modern coaching and leadership, revealing our hidden possibilities and potential. The book is a great guide for this path.

Antonia Katsoulieri
Editor-in-Chief HR Professional, Boussias Communications

Barbara Asimakopoulou’s book was a very enjoyable experience, a precious gift to myself! I read it in one sitting, I really devoured it, and when I got to the end, I felt both wiser and stronger. Drawing on ancient Greek Philosophy, this book shows in a masterful way, how to enrich your life (wellbeing) and fulfill your dreams, apply the Socratic self-knowledge (know thyself), tap into your inner potential, and practice the values of leadership according to Aristotelian ethics and logic.
A book with clear writing, combining scientific knowledge with modern coaching practices, that can become a tool for internal revolution and social well-being. Barbara Asimakopoulou, a top coach herself, generously shares her knowledge and experience on how to achieve our inner emancipation!

Anna Karamanou
Former Chairman of the FEMM Committee of the European Parliament

Barbara Asimakopoulou sets forth an anthropocentric and holistic Leadership, shedding light on ancient philosophical concepts and essential elements of modern coaching, management, and leadership. She demonstrates with clarity how important it is to realize our personal truth, and how beneficial it is to motivate and be motivated.
Inner Emancipation is a thought-provoking book with a lot of useful tools for turning thoughts into action!

Evgenia Gkegkiou
Chief People Officer at Viva Wallet

This wonderful book by Barbara Asimakopoulou, in addition to the scientific documentation, it mainly contains her invaluable life experience, amassed over the years through her interaction with thousands of people who changed and improved their lives.
Step by step, she prepares us to unleash our inner strength and improve ourselves, our life, our team, our business, our organization, our family or friends, creating our own story.
Our most important resume is our personal story as a sum of small stories and everyday events. So, let us walk upstream and forge our own path, listening to the stories of others, but without getting caught up in them.

Dionisis Messaris
Former Regional Director of Primary and Secondary Education of South Aegean, Former Director of EKDDA’s Training Institute

I read it almost in one sitting! Excellent flow and chapter analysis with many references to ancient philosophical texts. Clear, concise, and unpretentious writing illustrates the virtues of a good teacher. By introducing the term inner emancipation, Barbara effectively describes the essence of coaching. Drawing from Philosophy, she enriches the art and science of coaching by adding the imperative of self-knowledge, a concept often overlooked. Her optimistic statement that “we are all potential leaders” sends a strong message, expanding the concept of both participants and destination of the path, discarding the prevalent nowadays assumption that developing leadership skills requires individuals in need of guidance.
Overall, this book is a source of knowledge on the meaning of coaching. By connecting coaching with Philosophy Barbara follows the example of ancient philosophers. For them, the search for truth superseded the limitations of tradition. Similarly, this book succeeds to free coaching from “dogmas” and reaching the coveted inner emancipation!

Cosmas Michael
ICF Associate Certified Coach | Advising services | Consulting | Coaching