barbara-asimakopoulou-website-cover Hey! I'm Barbara . Top international executive & team coach, author, and female leadership thinker. The coaches' coach, here to help you step into your power. 

Human Resources Expertise (HRE)

HRE was founded in 2000 by Barbara and has supported many organisations, companies large and small and their employees to achieve great results and job satisfaction. Aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth.

I created HRE in the spring of 2000 after a successful career in many HR positions in the Titan cement company, a Greek multinational with great human values at its centre.

I admired that company and up to now I think of my days there with great nostalgia, the challenging and rewarding experiences I had and especially the people with whom shared those precious moments.

My best memories come from the years in the factory in Patras and Kamari in Attika where I took my first steps in the HR profession as head of the HR department after one year of a thorough induction plan.

I had the unique chance to personally know emblematic people such Theodoros Papalexopoulos (the CEO then) and Nikos Analytis (the European orientation and impact of HR and the initiator of the human face of the company) – both passed away the last years and they belong in the pantheon of impactful Greek leaders.

I left the company knowing that I was completely capable to fly with my own wings and explode my creativity for the sake of new corporate environments and people.

Thanks to this remarkable corporation and its awesome people and of course enthusiasm and passion I left with a whole array of expertise and knowledge that serves me to this day.

Looking back I would never imagine how HRE would operate nowadays.

I had the drive, the expertise but I didn’t know the challenge and the journey I would go through to get to where we are today.


Through life’s continuous challenges we learn, adapt and grow.

That has been my life with HRE, especially the last year – a journey with wins, defeats, disappointments, amazing satisfaction and joy, big learnings, big changes. I would never be the woman I am now without this whole story of HRE’s evolution.

I am grateful for my clients who trusted in me during my first steps and who still trust me now as HRE transitions and in a new world that is struggling to find out its future and that of all of us in it. 

Nowadays we are facing a new milestone, we are at the beginning of a new era, one where we cant know for sure how it will plan out.

The VUCA world became VUCAER.

My only certainty is that uncertainty is her necessary sister in order to progress.

I am still the enthusiastic and passionate woman as the yang girl of my early professional steps but fortunately wiser -which means more focused, balanced and surrounded by the people I choose to have alongside me, the clients with whom I share the same vision and values for leading a more positive and ethical world starting with ourselves.

My Team and I are at your service either for you as a company or as an individual who is visioning more success and satisfaction. 


“Life is Action, and we must take it now.”

Serving Companies

360 Services: Consulting, Training, Coaching.

Human Resources Expertise has been operating since 2000. Major visionary companies and individuals trust us to reach growth and to claim success.

We assist businesses and organizations to achieve great results at all times -through their people. We support them to establish trust and energize personnel, to change organizational culture, to reach alignment with every new strategy and decision. Moreover, to deal efficiently with all Human Resources Management issues and reach an innovative and positive working environment.

We are exceptionally committed to our clients’ vision and aspirations.

Serving People

We coach people to reach their goals, unleash their potential and expand their horizons. Furthermore, we help them inspire and lead winning teams in times of crisis.

The professional coach facilitates and challenges you to overcome internal and external obstacles, design a plan of action, and follow it successfully.

The ultimate goal of HRE coaching is to bring out your best, to stay focused on your needs, values and vision, and to live in authenticity.

We look at issues such as meaning, freedom, choice and responsibility and how these play a part in your life.


In order to enhance a sustainable and flourishing global society with “ethos”, “pathos” and “logos” towards a life with “eudemonia”.

According to ancient Greek philosophers:

“Ethos” = trust, commitment

“Pathos” = enthusiasm, empathy 

“Logos” = knowledge, the most up to date and efficient science and art of our industry (tools, methods, theories, and practices)

“Eudemonia” = a flourishing life, the challenging but joyful everyday journey to wisdom


We assist companies and organizations of all sizes to achieve great results through their people. Great people can achieve great results.

Today, every small or large business has major challenges to face. Whether it is to explore new strategies and markets or choose maximum utilization of existing capacity – every company needs a «Know thyself». An assessment of strengths and weaknesses, of its people, their skills, and aspirations.

HRE is a valuable full or part-time partner in every area of your company development and human resources management, administration, operation, strategic planning, effective communication, and collaboration. Thanks to the standard diagnostic model, Blue Ocean©, and our anthropocentric philosophy, Emotional Influence© (based on values), we identify your immediate needs and work with you to establish happy, competent, and satisfied employees. 

  • Diagnose and resolve problems in operation or communication among employees and with customers
  • Employees’ Opinion & Satisfaction Survey
  • Create a common vision and objectives based on common values 
  • Build a new culture and behaviors in alignment with each strategic option
  • Design and implementation of HR policies such as performance appraisal, reward system based on individual performance and corporate results, personnel attraction, and selection, training and development, internal communication, innovation and teamwork.
  • Effective communication and cooperation conflicts resolution, creative and efficient working environment

We use, the Solutionized Approach©, the innovative two-step method. Transforming every strategy into reality through empowering people.

With our help, the client captures any new strategy in terms of sales, production, processes, and systems.

We define the way to achieve effective implementation, by involving and empowering personnel in a program that lasts. Finally monitoring and evaluating the results.

Knowledge Management: Intra-Corporate Learning Process

This program quickly and directly achieves the renewal of the company, through the intra-corporate transfer of knowledge. It is the best tool to reorganize and use your accumulated intellectual capital. It is ideal preparation for a business that chooses self-examination. A high-quality service through the re-activation of the internal dynamics and knowledge of your company, with lasting benefits.


Multimedia Learning Labs

HRE designs innovative knowledge and interactive workshops for any small or large company to quickly and effectively acquire: empowered and efficient executives with renewed skills and competencies and teams with resilience and adaptability to organizational changes, better cooperation and customer-centric culture.

That is:

  • Develop coaching, managerial and leadership skills for executives who wish to evolve, be motivated and inspire their teams.
  • Build an efficient and enthusiastic team, able to adapt to any conditions (times of crisis, organizational and structural changes), to cooperate and communicate effectively.
  • Enhance customer-oriented culture aimed at all employees and applied in everyday processes and behaviors that lead to better customer service.
  • Improve Human Resources Management, to achieve a competent and peaceful work environment.
  • Introduce Health and Safety culture at work.


The success of Multimedia Learning Labs relies on a series of tools and commitments of HRE.

The inspiration, motivation, involvement and engagement of the participants.

The unleashing potential of participants through individual or team Coaching Programs.

The original case studies exclusively designed for each event.

The assessment tests, questionnaires, monitoring and evaluation forms and training videos.

The evaluation and monitoring of how the implementation of intra-corporate new knowledge after the workshops evolves.

Executive Coaching

For high potential leaders willing and ready to move forward and leave their mark.

Team Coaching

For teams wanting to thrive and become positive change cells.



New Corporate Culture

Creating a new high-performance corporate culture. Innovative programs that transform.

Let us join forces.

So we can be your in house coaching team.

Barbara Asimakopoulou CEO & Founder HRE, Executive & Team Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Author, Speaker
Barbara is a top, award-winning coach & training provider full of positive energy and passionate about building communities, connecting with people and transform companies and individuals.</p> <p>She stands by their side to master their self-awareness, be focused and unstoppable toward their goals and "Life Plan".</p> <p>Her ultimate mission is to energize people create miracles they could never imagine before and live their life to the fullest.</p> <p>Moreover, expand their horizons by developing a unique personal worldview and philosophy based on words of wisdom of the Greek philosophers.



Prodromos Papavasileiou Managing Partner HRE , Corporate Culture Change Catalyst - C-Suite & CEO Leadership Coach
Prodromos has had remarkable knowledge and experience for over 30 years covering leading and demanding managerial positions with great success. General Manager, Human Resources Director, Director of Education for companies as Titan Cement Group for 25+ years, Management Force SA, Paralos SA and Nikas SA.</p> <p>Over the last 10 years he has been Managing Partner of HRE and has a key role in effective organizational and functional design for companies with lasting results.</p> <p>He supports, trains and coaches with exceptional commitment, visionary and authentic entrepreneurs and leaders, to have a positive impact in the world. Contributing to issues such as company's strategy alignment, development and communication of vision and values, people' s involvement and engagement, talent retention.</p> <p>He is an associate trainer and e-learning programs author of “National Kapodistrian University of Athens” under the titles “Business Responsibility in Practice” and "The profession of Recruiter" .