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Coaching Launchpad: Coaching Fundamentals Certificate

“Are you eager to begin your coaching journey?”

Step into the coaching world with our Coaching Fundamentals course – your gateway to mastering foundational skills and knowledge.
Perfect for beginners seeking insight into coaching, this course helps you grasp its essence, cultivate self-coaching tools, nurture a coaching mindset, and integrate a coaching approach into your interactions.
After completing this course, should you aspire to pursue coaching professionally, we encourage you to transition into our diploma programs, with an exclusive discount offered to course graduates.

Unlock the Perks of Enrolling

Here’s what awaits you in this starting point course:

1. Dive into evidence-backed approaches to comprehensively understand the most eligible, efficient, and global Science and Art of ICF Coaching.

2. Benefit a versatile coaching knowledge and skills toolkit for a robust coaching approach.

3. Participate in Transformational Live Zoom Meetings to practice your skills and receive valuable feedback from our ICF-accredited trainers.

4. Receive 12 hours as a part of a program accredited by ICF as level 1*. You can add these hours to claim your ACC or PCC credentials through the portfolio path (you need 60 at least).

5. Connect with a supportive online community for guidance and issue resolution.

6. Enjoy LIFETIME access to the course, enabling flexible learning and unlimited reviews.

7. Embrace pre-recorded videos and workbooks for each module, aiding reflection and reinforcement of learning.

*unless other circumstances occur 

For aspiring coaches, this course lays a solid foundation for your journey.

The Top Six Vital Lessons to Begin Your Coaching Journey

Exploring the Topics Ahead: What You’ll Study.

Embraced by our diploma students, these approaches are a hit! Experience a sneak peek into their effectiveness. Rest assured, our teachings are rooted in evidence – we exclusively impart what delivers results.

Module 1 What Coaching Is or Is not

Delving into Coaching Profession History, Major Pillars, Principles, ICF Competencies & Code of Ethics.

Module 4 Effective Questioning

Unlocking Your Coaching Potential: Pose thought-provoking, powerful questions that ignite insight and transformation in your clients’ lives. Explore the nuances of crafting questions that spark self-discovery, encourage reflection, and unveil untapped potential.

Module 2 Organizing a Coaching Session

Your Guide using ICF Model. Unlock the secrets of crafting impactful coaching sessions. Explore the essence of the ICF Coaching Model and learn how to make a difference for Your Clients.

Module 5 Constructive Feedback

Impactful Communication: Deliver feedback that inspires growth and transformation. Explore the intricacies of constructive communication, discovering how to deliver feedback that empowers, motivates and guides individuals toward their goals.

Module 3 Active Listening Skills

Unlocking Your Coaching Potential: Learn to truly hear and understand your clients, fostering deeper connections and unveiling transformative insights.

Module 6 Philosophy for Well Being

We delve into the timeless teachings of classical philosophy to enrich coaching experiences and clients’ uplifting. Journey with us as we explore the profound impact of ancient wisdom on modern coaching, uncovering the transformative potential for fostering a purposeful life and holistic well-being

Ready to unlock boundless opportunities in your coaching journey by becoming an accredited coach?

If you’re not fully prepared yet, consider this course as your perfect launching pad. It offers a glimpse into the transformative training at HRE. Plus, should you pursue the diploma later, the cost of THIS course will be deducted from the diploma fees. It’s like unlocking this course for free!

“Why Choose HRE for Your Studies?”

Here’s what others say about working with us (these are from our diploma students)
If becoming an accredited coach through Barbara’s course is on your radar, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the plunge! If you prefer careful consideration before diving in and would appreciate chatting with someone who recently completed the course and paperwork, reach out – let’s connect!

Self -improvement, Spiritual Awakening and Leadership

Efie Christou, ACC
CSTP 1 Graduate, Coach for Teenagers & Adults' personal development and wellbeing | English Teacher

I was looking for a program of high standards. for Self -improvement, Self -awareness, Spiritual Awakening and Leadership! Adequately resourced by Enlightened Teachers who would equip me with the right supplies to proudly stand as a human being and as a professional in my Life's work! I found it in this program! And in the face of Barbara Asimakopoulou, this excellent teacher who shows you where to look but doesn’t tell you what to see! I highly recommend it !

The best choice for training and change

Fay Papas, ACC
CSTP 5 Graduate | Life Coach, Youth & Education | Teacher of English

Comprehensive training in Coaching combining theory and practice. Ms. Asimakopoulou's talent and contagiousness give a wonderful dimension to the program. Her incredible ability to choose partners has brought remarkable and accomplished people to this program who have taught and inspired us! Ground was created for development, and I was so excited that I wanted more. Overall, the program delivered what I expected. The positivity and fun at our meetings, my bonding with classmates, and the feeling of belonging will always accompany me!

Self-awareness and power

Ersi Stefanou, ACC
CSTP 5, Talent Director Newrosoft

I feel very grateful to have attended and completed Barbara's program. I thank her for accepting me in her program and teaching me so much! I further developed the skills required to become a good coach, but more importantly, I got to know myself. It was a magical journey of self-awareness and strength. It was a trip where together with my classmates, we understood in practice the power of personal motivation, the power of the mind, and the power of self-awareness. You can achieve everything as long as you know what you want - your goal -why it is essential to you, what you are willing to do to achieve it, and how you will achieve it! And how beautiful and complete you feel when you see it done! Abundance flows…

"I am grateful"

Natasa Koumpourelou, ACC
CSTP 1 Graduate, Partner, Consulting Services | Transformation Delivery, EY

A program that combines creativity, practical theory, know-how, and wisdom embedded in practical application and in many interactions. A really well-designed program with a team of excellent experts of the coaching industry who help to holistically embrace coaching practice, tools, and methodologies.

"A program that came as a "gift" in my life "

Claire Venetsanakou, ACC
CSTP 1 graduate | Learning & Development | Organizational Psychologist | Fast Focused Change

Everything was wonderful! The group of participants, the choice of space, the educational material, the approach during teaching and practice, the instructors/coaches. The liveliness and faith of the excellent Barbara Asimakopoulos to transmit the best know-how in the most effective way leave no room for anything less! Her contribution but also this of her amazing team was critical and important, every time. I feel lucky and thankful for participating in this program. A program that came as a "gift" in my life as it found me looking to enrich my profile and enhance my professional career.

" People need more visionaries like Barbara"

Sissy Stranomyti, ACC
CSTP 2 graduate | Lawyer | experiential holiday designer | gastronomy enthusiast turned Life Coach.

The journey in the art of coaching with Barbara was fascinating, the awareness and her organization in a simple and understandable way were one of the greatest gifts of her program. Along with the initiation into Aristotelian virtues and ancient wisdom. Barbara is a Guide. Open, heartfelt, with wisdom and prudence, affectionate, enthusiastic, and incredibly intelligent emotionally, he takes you by the hand and wisely guides you to a very refined form of facilitation, which holistically transforms people. It teaches you that when you become a coach, you are constantly ready to expand, change and grow even in the sharpest turns of your life, transforming vulnerability into inspiration and strength. There is no return when you enter her universe, her VIP coaches confirm this dynamically.

You do not need to travel abroad in order to receive such a high level of knowledge

George Chatzivasilas, CSTP 3 graduate
Assets Marketer, Leadership & Business Coach

It gives you all the tools and skills one needs to practice Coaching. But the most important is that it does not stay in theory, the so many hours of practice supervised by credentialed, excellent coaches give you the confidence you need to feel ready for any client. The fact that Barbara has incorporated ancient Greek philosophy is an added value. I would like to thank Barbara Asimakopoulou for sharing her knowledge and experience but also to congratulate her because she managed a Greek program to be recognized by the ICF and to be equal to the international programs.

"Unique team of contributors"

Roy Filou, CSTP 2 graduate
Group Brand Manager Nestle Waters,

My participation in the program "Coaching Skills & Tools in practice" of the unique Barbara Asimakopoulou is the most beautiful gift I have offered myself. From the first lesson, I saw an improvement in how I see and manage myself, my environment, my team, my co-workers, discovering balance, clearer aiming, encouragement-recognition, awareness, and fulfillment. A journey of discovery and evolution. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to establish their own values, stand out as a leader and enhance prosperity for the common good.

Barbara showed me what a leader with a growth mindset should be like

Mania Polemis
CSTP 2 Graduate | Life Coach

I was taken by the hand with care and encouragement, leading me through a path of knowledge, feelings, wisdom and support to face my fears, weaknesses and vulnerability. All this wrapped in kindness and gratitude. This is all Barbara! She shared her wisdom with us, spread her light, gave us wings to fly all with genuine care. Having done this amazing program I’m grateful. I highly recommend it.

"Woman with ethos, dignity and above all kindness of soul"

Evaggelia Bakola, ACC
CSTP 3 Graduate | Life & Health coach | Health Visitor

Wonderful Barbara! My decision to attend the training program "CSTP -Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice" was decisive for my development as a professional coach. The coaching profession gave me security and confidence in my steps.

"Clear motive for the development of the participants"

Maria Antoniadou
CSTP 2 Graduate | Assistant Professor of the School of Dentistry, EKPA

I received this special energy, experience and love in the program of Barbara for the VIP coaches that she wants to create as an offer to the society with unique professional-inspired Coaches. If the motivation behind every professional initiative is the development of the participants, as it was clear that it belongs to Barbara, then this initiative will continue to flourish. I hope to create a huge family of VIP coaches who in turn will inspire others to realize their personal potential.

"I immediately achieved amazing results in my life"

Stavrini Katselli
CSTP 2 Graduate | Life Coach for Parents | Founder Mamapapia | Museologist

I was looking for my next professional move and it exceeded all my expectations! Very well structured, with the appropriate flexibility in the study and application of new knowledge. From the beginning, it enhanced my professional and personal development as well as my relationships. The zeal, method, guidance and experience of Barbara as well as the other experienced Coaches contributed decisively. I realized my potential, my strengths to face my weaknesses, to lead myself and to be active to achieve my goals!

"Precious life supply"

Julie Venizelou
CSTP 2 Gradute | Business Development Specialist at MarineTraffic

Thank you for the unique life journey. So many different entities all of us, and yet you managed to unite us like a multifaceted mosaic of personalities with a common purpose. This educational experience under your wings, on the one hand, will be unforgettable in my memory as a valuable life supply, and on the other hand, I will always be its ambassador!


12-week program

  1. 6 Modules with pre-recorded videos with Barbara Asimakopoulou
  2. Workbooks, exercises, questionnaires, and tools for each module
  3. 6-hour group Live Zoom Meeting. 4 X 1,5-hour
  4. Accountability buddy for support and coaching peer-to-peer
  5. Facebook Group for more learning and support
  6. If you participate in all Live Zoom Meetings, you will receive 12 hours as a part of a program accredited by ICF as level 1. You can add these hours to claim your ACC or PCC credentials through the portfolio path (you need 60 at least).



-700 euros in a one-time payment (VAT included)

-200 euros x 4 installments = 800 euros (VAT included)

So, if you wish to explore coaching art and science, join our Coaching Launchpad: Coaching Fundamentals Certificate.

Sign up now, and let’s start your journey immediately!

The Lives occur each Wednesday 11.00 am – 1.30 pm EET or 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm EET. You can choose your more convenient slot.

Self-study from the moment you get into the program. Get it now!

Are you ready to invest in your potential? Are you eager to begin your coaching journey with us?

Then sign up for Coaching Launchpad: Coaching Fundamentals Certificate today!

“Step into the world of coaching with our Coaching Fundamentals course – your gateway to mastering foundational skills and knowledge.
Perfect for beginners seeking insight into coaching, this course helps you grasp its essence, cultivate self-coaching tools, nurture a coaching mindset, and integrate a coaching approach into your interactions.
After completing this course, should you aspire to pursue coaching professionally, we encourage you to transition into our diploma programs, with an exclusive discount offered to course graduates.”

Your Transformational Coach

Barbara Asimakopoulou, MBA, PCC, ITCA

Top,  award-winning Executive and Team Coach, accredited with ICF, Marshall Goldsmith & EMCC. ICF-approved Coaching Training Program Provider, visionary and innovative entrepreneur, accomplished author & speaker with an international reputation as a female leadership thinker. Classical Philosophy inspires her unique signature.


Is there a deadline to complete this course?

Absolutely not! Take it at your own rhythm and convenience. Whether you breeze through it in 3 months or savor the journey over 3 years, the timeline is entirely yours.

Once you’ve finished, simply shoot us an email, and voilà! We’ll promptly furnish you with a well-deserved certificate.

How often are the group coaching LIVE sessions held?

Experience a series of engaging live Zoom Mentoring totaling 6 hours. Delve into monthly interactive 90-minute or 2-hour sessions designed for questions, feedback, and practicing coaching skills in a dynamic and collaborative environment with ICF-accredited trainers.

When I missed one Live zoom meeting?

There will be a replay. All Live Zoom Meetings will be recorded.

Attention: To receive the certificate with 12 hours as a part of the ICF level 1 Diploma, you must participate in all the lives.

What's the certificate material and delivery method?

Embark on an enlightening journey through our online platform, where you’ll immerse yourself in a transformative series of six captivating pre-recorded videos.

Dive into an enriching collection of six workbooks brimming with valuable coaching insights, tools, and engaging exercises. As soon as you log in, unlock a treasure trove of coaching expertise designed to uplift and empower your journey toward success.

For whom is the certificate recommended?

For those seeking an introduction to the art and science of ICF Coaching and aiming to integrate coaching skills into their daily work or personal interactions, this certificate serves as an ideal starting point.

It acts as a stepping stone to explore the possibility of incorporating more coaching into your life and furthering your investment in the Coaching Diploma.

Is there any ICF accredited hours?

Yes, If you participate in all the LIVE Zoom Meetings, you will be eligible to receive 12 hours as a part of a program accredited by ICF at level 1. You can add these hours to the 60 you need to claim your ACC through the Portfolio Path.

What's the benefit of the Facebook group?

Engage with peers, share questions, delve into teachings, and foster a supportive community. This environment fuels personal growth, inviting fresh perspectives to enrich your learning journey.

Contact me if you need any help.