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I am here to create a community of Visionary, Innovative & Powerful Coaches and Coach leaders working towards a Sustainable Society for all.

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to help high-potential men & women light up their path, be energized, and claim more happiness for themselves, their people, and our society. I am here to create a community of Visionary, Innovative & Powerful Coaches and Coach leaders working towards a Sustainable Society for all.

Purposeful Leadership based on Greek Philosophy. The why, what and how of your inner emancipation journey.


Female Leadership: be the captain of your own ship, embrace challenges and be a universal leader with soul for the good.

Professional Coaching Training

Be a happier person, impactful Coach, or Coach Leader. Find your inner beauty and Step Up

Corporate Performance

1:1 Leadership & Team Coaching, High-Performance Culture, Motivational Speeches.

Barbara Asimakopoulou.

Leadership Coach, Founder and Executive Director HRE

Barbara is ranked #1 executive coach in Athens 2021 (according to influence digest+ independent international research) an award-winning visionary & innovative entrepreneur (HR Award 2020), professional coaching trainer, author & speaker with an international reputation, and one of Greece's top female leadership thinkers.
Her distinctive personal coaching signature is based on words of wisdom of Greek philosophers. Her unique methodology ``Philosophy & Coaching in Practice`` supports individuals who desire more action & happiness on their journey to inner & outer leadership and companies who desire efficiency and sustainability.

Barbara Asimakopoulou

Professional Coaching Diploma.

Philosophical Coaching Diploma Level 1 by ICF

The “Coaching Skills and Tools in Practice” 10-month program is the first internationally recognized professional training in Coaching with Classic Philosophy at its center and the highest standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organization for professional coaches and coaching.
It has been approved for 120 training hours at Level 1,  emphasizing practice, philosophy, and other sciences such as neurosciences, mindfulness, and positive psychology. It was implemented for the first time in 2018 with excellent testimonials.

The new cohort starts on December 2023 and is for English speakers too—10-month Flexible e-learning education with live real-time Zoom meetings and a 4-day in-person retreat in Athens, Greece.
Our vision is to create a big community of Visionary, Innovative, Powerful Coaches and Coach Leaders working towards a Sustainable society for all.

Designed by Barbara Asimakopoulou, the lead coach trainer, supported by an exceptional international team of experts and professional coaches.

Corporate Performance & Sustainability.


1-1 Executive Coaching
Team Coaching
High Performance Culture

Coach now event.

Our annual international meeting.

Phygital Conference

The mission of COACH NOW is to recognize and promote Coaching as an integral part of a flourishing & sustainable society and as a critical factor in ensuring positive internal and external change.

COACH NOW is based on three pillars: philosophy, research, and practice.

For this reason, the following have been created:

-A strong, inspiring, and supportive international community with shared values ​​and an essential goal for sustainable human development

-An annual conference with international speakers and topics with modern and innovative speakers and global academic research, philosophy, and science in the art of Coaching.

-A training program that leads to an ACSTH by ICF “Professional Coaching Diploma” to forge the same vision and values with professional coaches and coach leaders. The “Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice” Program, in English, is accredited by ICF and recognized for its unique content based on Classic Greek Philosophy.

-Innovative and bold initiatives such as “Your Time of Power,” a campaign to offer free Coaching to the community for social empowerment and impact.

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Success Stories.

  • An innovative program for the development of leadership skills and the introduction of a new culture with central pillars: coaching, stakeholders’ participation, and ancient Greek philosophy (Philosophership © and Cave Approach ©) with impressive results.

  • 4 unique hotels in different locations, with different cultures, organization system, and leadership, challenges from many changes that they have been through in the near past

  • Οι συμμετέχοντες με το διαλογισμό αποκτούν την καλύτερη επαφή με τον εαυτό τους και στη συνέχεια με τη φιλοσοφία ανακαλύπτουν λύσεις αντιμετώπισης αλλαγών, και κρίσεων. Επιπλέον αναγνωρίζουν τη σημασία να ζουν μια ζωή με νόημα βάσει προσωπικών κινήτρων και αξιών με σκοπό το ευ-ζην.


Revolutionize your leadership style

Will Lissen
Will Linssen, Top Voice (LinkedIn), #1 Leadership Coach (Global Gurus), Master Certified Coach (ICF MCC), #1 Coach Trainer (Thinkers50), CEO at Global Coach Group

Philosophical Leadership by Barbara masterfully combines the everlasting wisdom of classic philosophers with coaching to revolutionize your leadership style. A must-read for both aspiring and experienced leaders, this book will unlock your true potential and leave a lasting impact on your life.

Ancient wisdom for modern leader coaches

Panos Malakoudis, ACC
CSTP 6 Graduate | Associate Certified Coach by ICF | Microsoft Coaching Strategy Lead

Barbara knows what the principles of great leadership are having performed as one for many years. By tapping into ancient philosophical wisdom and through a lens of professional coaching, this book is a must read for leaders at all levels.

A Thoughful Guide to Leading with Wisdom

Eleftheria Raisi
Commercial Executive | Travel Retail & Local Markets Chanel | ICF Coach in Training HRE

Α must-read for anyone seeking to elevate their leadership to new heights. Barbara offers practical guidance for applying philosophical insights to real-world leadership challenges. She shares a profound and transformative approach to leadership that is both timeless and timely. This book is a valuable resource for leaders at all levels who aspire to lead with depth, insight, and integrity.

Significant chapter the International Educational Team

Ioannis Georgiou
CSTP 6 Graduate | Coach Leader | MSc, CTMP HR Professional | Winnipeg, Canada

After extensive research both in Greece and internationally, I made the deliberate choice to enroll in a Coaching program that uniquely integrates the principles and wisdom of Ancient Greek philosophy. This decision has proven to be justified as I have been able to immerse myself in the art of coaching with a parallel approach to the teachings of the ancient Greek philosophers, who are considered the founders of modern coaching. The program offers a wealth of educational material and is thoughtfully structured to accommodate the needs of working students. Notably, the program's academic staff consists of well-respected scientists who are not only knowledgeable but also approachable and supportive.

Dynamic, challenging, and enjoyable

Christiana Prekezes
CSTP 6 Graduate | Coach Leader | MA Energy & Environment | Bod WISTA Hellas

The Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice Program exceeded my expectations. It was dynamic, challenging, and enjoyable, perfectly combining theory with practice. Participating in the program provided education, investigation, training, and testing with constant challenges. It was worth my time and effort as it encouraged, activated, and helped me through a phase of change in my professional life. Specifically, it provided me with the tools to build my confidence, and navigate through challenging situations. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to every person seeking personal empowerment and to every new coach looking to develop.

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