Coach Now.

The Coach Now conference is a hybrid event featuring international speakers and cutting-edge topics from global academic research, science, and coaching. It has been held since 2019.

Our mission is to acknowledge and promote coaching as an essential part of a prosperous and thriving society and a crucial factor in driving positive change.

Newly graduated coaches will have the opportunity to participate in a panel where they share their experiences from their journey in the training program and introduce themselves to the coaching market.

Coach Now In House 2023.

Share Your Story after your coaching education

Graduates, students, and faculty members of the training program 'Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice,' accredited by ICF, shared their stories and journeys in round tables and panels. They talked about how coaching has impacted their lives from the moment they first encountered it up to the present day. Our friends were also present with us.

Coach Now 2022.

Coaching & Business

The science and art of coaching addresses the challenges faced by companies and their executives. These challenges include uncertainty, constant changes, new working routines, customer demands, high mobility, difficulty finding suitable employees, low morale, communication and cooperation issues, and the presence of hybrid leaders. Leading speakers, professionals, executives, teachers, and distinguished thinkers from international and Greek backgrounds shared their insights with a live and online audience. They discussed how coaching education, creating a coaching culture, integrating artificial intelligence (AI), and the valuable contribution of professional Executive and Team Coaches can help businesses succeed and increase executive satisfaction with their career paths.

Coach Now 2021.

Coaching & Freedom

On the occasion of the celebration of 200 years after the start of the Greek Revolution for liberation from the Ottoman yoke and the new challenges we face at all levels, we planned a unique conference dedicated to freedom, especially ``What it means for the Greeks freedom today``.

Coach Now 2020.

Coaching & Leadership

Leadership starts from within. This year, the emphasis has been on leadership as an internal issue. To boost your progress, discover your inner voice and let it become your symbol of positive influence in your life and the lives of those around you.

Coach Now 2019.

The Coaching Profession

On September 21, the inaugural ``COACH NOW`` conference took place. The theme was ``The Profession of Coaching: Clarifying Myths and Establishing Confidence.`` International speakers shared the latest insights into the coaching profession in a packed auditorium.

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