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Short Bio 

Barbara Asimakopoulou is a highly recognized Greek Executive & Team Coach, C.E.O. & Founder of H.R.E. (Human Resources Expertise).

As a #1 ranked Executive Coach in Athens 2021 and recipient of the H.R. Award for the Most Innovative Leadership Skills Development Program, Barbara combines her 25+ years of H.R. experience with her impressive blended background in business, management, psychology, philosophy, and chemistry to unlock potential and explore the unique “chemistry” of individuals.

The I.C.F. Foundation’s “Gift of Coaching Collective” recognized her for her impactful partnership initiative “Your Time of Power,” and she was a nominee among 25 influential global coaches for the I.C.F. Award 2022 “Circle of Distinction.”

She is a founding member and former President of I.C.F. Greece, an Associate of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, a published author, and a creator of 3 E-learning programs, including “Coaching Tools & Skills in Practice,” which offers the opportunity to become an ICF-certified coach and leader. Moreover, she is a keynote speaker with an international reputation and one of Greece’s leading female leadership thinkers.

Her unique personal signature is the wise lessons of the Greek philosophers.

She is proud of her community of V.I.P. Coaches & Coach Leaders (Visionary, Innovative, Powerful).

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Professional Bio.

I.C.F. Professional Certified Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coach, EMCC Team Coach

@barbaraasimakopoulou Linkedin/BarbaraAsimakopoulou

Barbara Asimakopoulou is a top award-winning Inner & Outer Leadership Coach. Ranked #1 Executive Coach 2021 in Athens, Greece, H.R. Award-winning for the most innovative leadership skills development  program and international recognition by I.C.F. Foundation “Gift of Coaching Collective.” She is one of the top Greek female leadership thinkers with an international reputation and a remarkable career as an entrepreneur (C.E.O. & Founder of H.R.E.), accredited by I.C.F. professional coach and coaching training provider, senior Executive, and masterful H.R. Consultant for more than 25 years. She has supported many visionary leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs to light up their paths, claim high standards, and achieve personal and collective happiness.

Furthermore, she coaches teams to be aligned, energized, and achieve excellent results, and she supports companies in transforming their culture.

Through her programs, 1-1 coaching, team coaching, workshops, books and events, and a broad combination of knowledge and expertise within coaching, positive psychology, philosophy, business, management, and science (chemistry), she has supported a significant number of visionary senior executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs, to become better leaders and happier people.

Moreover, she coaches individuals to be aligned with their values, gain confidence, achieve positive, lasting change, and increase their performance and satisfaction at work.

In particular, Barbara has worked with many women to encourage them to speak up and claim more. Her vision is to inspire and empower women to crack the glass ceiling and gain more impactful leadership roles in corporate, political, and social environments.

As a coach and entrepreneur, Barbara has developed a distinctive personal coaching signature based on the words of wisdom of Greek philosophers and positive psychology and has created the pioneering “Philosophy & Coaching in Practice™” methodology. Through this methodology, individuals learn about their values and the ancient Greek virtues to live a meaningful, fulfilling, and rewarding personal and professional life.

She is an associate of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and the author of two E-learning programs, “Coaching Leadership in the Footsteps of Socrates” and “The Profession of Recruiter-the Coach Recruiter.”

Moreover, she has designed and led the outstanding and popular professional coaching education accredited by I.C.F. “Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice” (hybrid).

After 10+ years as a senior H.R. executive in multinational companies such as TITAN Cement Group, she founded Human Resources Expertise (H.R.E.) in 2000 to assist companies of all sizes in dealing efficiently with human development.

Barbara has cooperated with the most distinguished companies, such as Diageo, Beiersdorf, Leo Pharma, Bayer, Janssen, Generation Y, Intracom Defense Electronics, Titan Cement Company, Unisol SA, Kone SA, Bluegr Resorts, Vodafone, Sephora, Alfa Laval, Rina.

She has been I.C.F. Greece Founding Member, President in 2015, and board member.

She leads actions and creates communities with social impacts, such as “Your Time of Power,” “Rebounders,” the V.I.P. Coaches (Visionary, Innovative & Powerful Coaches, the Alumni of the Coaching School), and the annual hybrid international conference COACH NOW.

Barbara is an accomplished keynote speaker and a published author on coaching and leadership. Her most popular books are “The Art of Peace in the Workplace,” “Inner Emancipation,” and “The Coach Journal- Selfreflections.”

Topics Ι cover.

Niche areas:

  • Team & Leadership Coaching for executives and professionals
  • Female Leadership (Femininship™)
  • Wisdom-based, Philosophical coaching (Philosophership™)
  • Building Coaching Culture at Work

Academic Qualifications:

  • Master in Business Administration, with a major in Human Resources from  ALBA Graduate Business School, Athens, Greece
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with a major in Organizational Psychology from «Institut d’Administration et Gestion» I.A.G. Université Catholique de Louvain-La- Neuve, Belgium
  • B.A. in chemistry with a major in biochemistry.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Certified Leadership Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Professional Certified Coach -credentialed by I.C.F.,
  • Team Coaching Certified Coach by Global Team Coaching Institute – P. Hawkins & D. Clutterbuck.
  • Team Coaching Accreditation by EMCC
  • Positive Psychology Certification, “Becoming the best version of you” by Tim Lebon, City University, U.K.
  • Practitioner Narrative Coach™ by Dr. Dave Drake
  • Coaching Presence – Foundations by Tunde Erdos
  • Certified Global Leadership Coach by G.C.G.
  • Coaching Certification by Coach University

Assessment Tools: Certified & qualified to hold a license to use
-360 assessment Marshall Goldsmith Global Leader of the Future
-S.H.L. Occupational Tests and Personality Questionnaires

Her Philosophy:

I am a creative, empathetic professional with positive energy and passionate about connecting with high-potential, visionary people. I want to transform their lives, allow them to master their self-awareness, and be focused and unstoppable toward their goals. Finally, to create an outstanding & thriving Life Plan. My ultimate mission is to energize people to create miracles they could never imagine and live their lives to the fullest.

As their fairy godmother, I inspire them to light up their path and expand their horizons by developing a unique personal worldview and philosophy (vision and values) based on words of wisdom from Greek philosophers.

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