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Dave Wondra

You will learn how to set yourself free!

Dave Wondra
President, Wondra Group, LLC. Inducted into the International Coaching Federation Circle of Distinction.

It ends up there is something new under the sun. Barbara Asimakopoulou explores the deepest roots of coaching, embedded in the philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. This is much more than a typical book on coaching or leadership.

Dimitris P.

"Loud present of philosophical thought"

Dimitris P.
Vodafon Greece

A concentrated loud presence of philosophical thought in today's time with direct application in our daily lives, as a beacon that helps everyone redefine our goals, attitudes and thoughts by taking an active role in our lives.

Elena Pantelidou

"Big gain"

Elena Pantelidou
Health & Safety Vidafon

The Keep Calm & Stay Positive program responded to our people’s needs for more positive thinking and discharge techniques. Participants discovered another perspective on their way through philosophy and they experienced with enthusiasm small and different doses of meditation. It was a big gain for those who attended, both in personal and professional level, focusing on the additional benefits in customer management.

Nansy Papalexandris

Book of Reference , source of power

Nansy Papalexandris
Emeritus Professor HRM AUEB

Each page hides something valuable. It is a reference book that you can refer to often to draw strength, inspiration and lessons. I have known Barbara for years and I believe that she is a living example of optimism, search for truth and effort to help those around her by transmitting the valuable knowledge and experiences she has gained from her serious studies and rich professional experience.

Anna Karamanou


Anna Karamanou
F. Chairman of the FEMM Committee, European Parliament

The book masterfully shows you how you can enrich your life and fulfill all your dreams, through Socratic self-knowledge, utilization of your potential, belief in values and the exercise of leadership according to Aristotelian ethics and logic. It is a book with clear writing, which combines scientific knowledge with the practice of modern coaching and can, at the same time, become a tool of internal personal revolution and social prosperity.

George Babiniotis

Great book

George Babiniotis
Professor at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Your book "Inner Emancipation" for leadership is great. You utilize a wide variety of factors - ideas, spiritual elements, mental qualities, etc. - that actually shape and characterize the leader. Frequent reference to Socrates adds another dimension to your book. Congratulations.


An incredible leadership resource

Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world. New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

from Barbara Asimakopoulou! Become an effective and moral leader that achieves your goals and leads your team to high performance with Inner Emancipation.


"A candid and thoughtful interaction"

Practice Manager, West and Central Africa The World Bank

It was great to have a candid and thoughtful interaction on my key challenges and vision. Our conversation allows me to reflect on my leadership vision, including setting goals to progress incrementally towards my goals and ambition.


"Even 1 hour was transformative"

Senior Director at World Bank Group

My main take outs were to persevere in trying to engage the team, even if right now their attention is elsewhere, and not to fret over things I cannot change. The quickness and vigor with which you challenged me was a surprise at first, but was effective. The discipline of identifying which problems cannot be solved, Stoic-style, helped clarify my way forward.

Ioannis Vlachakis

"I feel ready for my take off"

Ioannis Vlachakis
Business Consultant, Crete

I feel that a way has been opened for me and everything that has been mixed in my mind for so long, today has come into a series. I feel that he showed me the wings that I hide inside me and how ready I feel for my take off.

Theodoros Panelis

"Very rich content"

Theodoros Panelis
Cosmote e-value

Lively, complete on a theoretical level that focuses on coaching from different approaches, interactive, with very rich content and case studies that apply in practice each theoretical part. One of the best seminars I have attended.

Nikos Sakellariou

"Open my way of thinking"

Nikos Sakellariou
Medical Representative

I discovered important things for myself and it gave me the will to change and do things that will make me stand out and make me better! Guided by Ms. Barbara Asimakopoulou, charismatic and very capable, who inspired us all the way. Coaching Leadership, in addition to personal improvement, also helped me professionally for better performance and development, learning to claim what I deserve!

Lydia Antoniou

"Its immediacy eliminates any distance"

Lydia Antoniou
Founder of Lydia’s Homemade Pastries

A new model of leadership that offers people self-knowledge and strength to proceed to their personal and professional fullfilement. Many congratulations to Mrs. Barbara Asimakopoulou. Her immediacy eliminates any distance and her teaching "Socratic Method" challenges, motivates and commits, with the aim, "to live the life you deserve, a life with meaning".

Kleopatra Anerousou

"The best version of ourselves"

Kleopatra Anerousou

"An excellent program that puts you in the" search engine "called coaching to dig deep for your truth. The excellent Ms. Asimakopoulou, with mastery challenges us and invites us to this wonderful connection and alignment with our values, with ancient Greek philosophy and how we could become the best version of ourselves! "

Ioanna Georgiou

"Important and effective program"

Ioanna Georgiou
HR Executive

I am ready to create vision with my team to which everyone will be engaged. Important and effective program.

Efi Papadogianni

"We have the power to influence our lives"

Efi Papadogianni,
Director at KONE

And our wider environment even with small simple things! I also learnt to be able to react to challenges such as "what do we do in this situation where we are?"

Giannis Kreatsoulis

"Exceeded my expectations"

Giannis Kreatsoulis
Agency Manager NN Hellas

This program exceeded my expectations. Trainers immediately won the sincere and enthusiastic participation of my sales people and overcame any initial reservations. I was impressed by the atmosphere.. Smiles and energy.

Elena Lekaki

"You're an excellent guide"

Elena Lekaki, MSc
Insurance Consultant

Dear Barbara, Thank you for the excellent "professional know-thyself journey" . It was a great experience in setting priorities, objectives and clarifying thinking. By your worthiness and competency you managed to give me guidance, and with your humanity to touch me and make our coaching more effective. You're an excellent guide and I really enjoyed this journey we had together.


"You stand out"

MBA, Commercial Director

I feel the need to express in writing my enthusiasm for the course and the outcome. I succeeded to see exactly the steps I needed to pay attention in order to design my next career plan. Finally, I want to point out your ability to actively listen and to receive the concerns of your coachee with real interest. Your ability helps greatly in the course of the sessions and I believe that you stand out not only as a coach but as a human too. Thank you

Artemis Dimitroula

"I changed my attitude towards life"

Artemis Dimitroula,

The great success for me is the impetus that got to act against my expectations and even succeed! What I learned is to sidetrack the fear that kept me still. I dare say that I managed to gain with your help many experiences that others would never have because they just did not try. I am grateful. Wherever I get I will always know and I want you to know too that your contribution was substantial.

Maria Kaloutsa

"I am giving you a 10"

Maria Kaloutsa
Civil Engineer, Senior Executive

The satisfaction of our coaching meetings was maximum. The work you do is excellent. I am very happy with the work we did together and the results I had. Surely if there was a rating I would give you a 10!

Zsofia Juhasz

I became braver

Zsofia Juhasz
Executive Coach, Australia

I enjoyed working with Barbara as she inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and challenged me to be braver in my actions. I am looking forward to a successful and action-packed year as a result of the plans I implemented with her support. Many thanks again!

Natasa Koumpourelou

"I am grateful"

Natasa Koumpourelou, CSTP 1 Graduate
Director at Multinational

A program that combines creativity, practical theory, know-how, and wisdom embedded in practical application and in many interactions. A really well-designed program with a team of excellent experts of the coaching industry who help to holistically embrace coaching practice, tools, and methodologies.

Claire Venetsanakou

"A program that came as a "gift" in my life "

Claire Venetsanakou, ACC, CSTP 1 graduate
Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach

Everything was wonderful! The group of participants, the choice of space, the educational material, the approach during teaching and practice, the instructors/coaches. The liveliness and faith of the excellent Barbara Asimakopoulos to transmit the best know-how in the most effective way leave no room for anything less! Her contribution but also this of her amazing team was critical and important, every time. I feel lucky and thankful for participating in this program. A program that came as a "gift" in my life as it found me looking to enrich my profile and enhance my professional career.

Sissy Stranomyti,

" People need more visionaries like Barbara"

Sissy Stranomyti, ACC, CSTP 2 graduate
Lawyer, Founder of Delitopia

The journey in the art of coaching with Barbara was fascinating, the awareness and her organization in a simple and understandable way were one of the greatest gifts of her program. Along with the initiation into Aristotelian virtues and ancient wisdom. Barbara is a Guide. Open, heartfelt, with wisdom and prudence, affectionate, enthusiastic, and incredibly intelligent emotionally, he takes you by the hand and wisely guides you to a very refined form of facilitation, which holistically transforms people. It teaches you that when you become a coach, you are constantly ready to expand, change and grow even in the sharpest turns of your life, transforming vulnerability into inspiration and strength. There is no return when you enter her universe, her VIP coaches confirm this dynamically.

George Chatzivasilas

You do not need to travel abroad in order to receive such a high level of knowledge

George Chatzivasilas, CSTP 3 graduate
Assets Marketer, Leadership & Business Coach

It gives you all the tools and skills one needs to practice Coaching. But the most important is that it does not stay in theory, the so many hours of practice supervised by credentialed, excellent coaches give you the confidence you need to feel ready for any client. The fact that Barbara has incorporated ancient Greek philosophy is an added value. I would like to thank Barbara Asimakopoulou for sharing her knowledge and experience but also to congratulate her because she managed a Greek program to be recognized by the ICF and to be equal to the international programs.

Roy Filou

"Unique team of contributors"

Roy Filou, CSTP 2 graduate
Group Brand Manager Nestle Waters,

My participation in the program "Coaching Skills & Tools in practice" of the unique Barbara Asimakopoulou is the most beautiful gift I have offered myself. From the first lesson, I saw an improvement in how I see and manage myself, my environment, my team, my co-workers, discovering balance, clearer aiming, encouragement-recognition, awareness, and fulfillment. A journey of discovery and evolution. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to establish their own values, stand out as a leader and enhance prosperity for the common good.

Vaggelis Papalaios

"I found extremely interesting her approach based on the words of wisdom of the greatest Ancient Greek philosophers"

Vaggelis Papalaios
Regional Division Manager, Marine Division at Alfa Laval

I had the opportunity of being mentored by Barbara during the Coaching and Leadership program she organised for us. Ηer high skills and competencies, as well as her focused and methodical guidance in each program's phase were the key factors for me to understand and develop my own leadership profile. I found extremely interesting the fact that Barbara's methodology was based on the words of wisdom of the Ancient Greek philosophers. I strongly recommend her services to those who are interested in be transformed to the leaders of tomorrow.

Dimitris Poulos

"Barbara works deeply,with passion, gaining trust and achieving positive changes and a great performance

Dimitris Poulos
Managing Director Alfa Laval Greece

Being cooperated with Barbara in a leadership program in my current company. She has really delivered extraordinary results in the behaviors of my employees. Her work is personal with passion with people. Fully recommend for coaching and leadership programs.

Maria Kolokytha

"Barbara unlocked my potential"

Maria Kolokytha
HR Manager INTERSPORT Greece and Cyprus

I had the privilege of working with Barbara as my coach. It is very effective in overcoming any obstacles. Her deep empathy and emotional intelligence pushed me to understand the behavior that was holding me back. She has the ability to modify her approach based on my strengths and my character, leading me to discover my own truth. The questions pushed me towards change and clarity. I highly recommend her.

Alessia Villa

"The results and feedback have been impressive"

Alessia Villa
HR Manager Region Adriatic presso Alfa Laval

Barbara supported me in a very important project for Coaching and Developing our Leaders in Greece. I really recommend Barbara's work for her warm approach and business-focused mindset.

Stathis Ioannou

"It 's wonderful to work with Barbara"

Stathis Ioannou
Financial Controller

She has an exceptional expertise in coaching. She made me feel comfortable for all my issues and worries. She is very dedicated and methodical. Always ready for help! Thank you Barbara for your exiting leadership development coaching!

Pantelis Charitos

"A pioneering combination of the golden knowledge of the ancient Greek philosophers and modern coaching"

Pantelis Charitos
Marketing Manager Bio Dermatology/Immunology Department - LEO Pharma

Excellent executive coaching commissioned by my company. Barbara had a unique way of creating an open and friendly environment while keeping the focus on the business goals, which have been set together, as a top priority. A solid action plan. These will definitely help my current and future professional and personal steps for sure!

Konstantinos Manousakis

«Η Βαρβάρα κρατά τις υποσχέσεις της»

Κωνσταντίνος Μανουσάκης
Senior Director

Είναι πολύ ευγενική με υψηλή ενσυναίσθηση και εξαιρετικές ικανότητες coaching. Παρέχει αληθινή υποστήριξη. Είναι δημιουργική, ενεργητική και αποτελεσματική. Συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα τις υπηρεσίες της.

Anna Kirikou

You are my Muse who leads me to my own path!

Anna Kirikou
Operations'Manager Γεώργιος Κηρύκος & Σια ΟΕ

As you said, "Inhalation is energy and exhalation is action." You have become my inspiration for me to exhale my goals!

Mania Polemis

Barbara showed me what a leader with a growth mindset should be like

Mania Polemis
Life Coach

I was taken by the hand with care and encouragement, leading me through a path of knowledge, feelings, wisdom and support to face my fears, weaknesses and vulnerability. All this wrapped in kindness and gratitude. This is all Barbara! She shared her wisdom with us, spread her light, gave us wings to fly all with genuine care. Having done this amazing program I’m grateful. I highly recommend it.

Evaggelia Bakola

"Woman with ethos, dignity and above all kindness of soul"

Evaggelia Bakola
Life & Health coach , Health Visitor

Wonderful Barbara! My decision to attend the training program "CSTP -Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice" was decisive for my development as a professional coach. The coaching profession gave me security and confidence in my steps.

Maria Antoniadou

"Clear motive for the development of the participants"

Maria Antoniadou
Assistant Professor of the School of Dentistry, EKPA

I received this special energy, experience and love in the program of Barbara for the VIP coaches that she wants to create as an offer to the society with unique professional-inspired Coaches. If the motivation behind every professional initiative is the development of the participants, as it was clear that it belongs to Barbara, then this initiative will continue to flourish. I hope to create a huge family of VIP coaches who in turn will inspire others to realize their personal potential.

Stavrini Katselli

"I immediately achieved amazing results in my life"

Stavrini Katselli
Life Coach, Museologist

I was looking for my next professional move and it exceeded all my expectations! Very well structured, with the appropriate flexibility in the study and application of new knowledge. From the beginning, it enhanced my professional and personal development as well as my relationships. The zeal, method, guidance and experience of Barbara as well as the other experienced Coaches contributed decisively. I realized my potential, my strengths to face my weaknesses, to lead myself and to be active to achieve my goals!

Julie Venizelou

"Precious life supply"

Julie Venizelou
Business Development Specialist at MarineTraffic

Thank you for the unique life journey. So many different entities all of us, and yet you managed to unite us like a multifaceted mosaic of personalities with a common purpose. This educational experience under your wings, on the one hand, will be unforgettable in my memory as a valuable life supply, and on the other hand, I will always be its ambassador!

Anna Boutloukou

"You inspire change"

Anna Boutloukou
Athletic Coach

They say that teaching is more than just sharing knowledge, it is inspiring change! Finally a woman who confirms what she teaches with her personal example! Excellent teacher, wonderful person, ideal coach!

Vasiliki Papalouka


Vasiliki Papalouka


"Reason for a new beginning".

Efthimia Goudenoudi
Entrepreneur, life coach

"Mrs. Asimakopoulou Barbara, who led this program, clearly sets out and gives impetus with a unique guidance to discover your inner strength so that you can make a fresh start."