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Solution Focused Group Coaching

The business world is already concerned with the new conditions of the work landscape and has begun to implement programs to strengthen leaders, their teams and to shape the work environment appropriately after the research we conducted.

In this way, they responded immediately to the new challenges facing employees and the business environment in the hybrid era.


A practical workshop where the coach facilitates the awareness of the challenges faced by the team in today’s hybrid environment.
In addition, the coach acts as a catalyst for finding solutions and suitable actions by themselves.


This workshop is for you if at least one of the following applies:

-Your employees are invited to work together in both physical and online environment and it is difficult for them

-Differences in personalities and expectations create conflicts or daily complaints

-Employees who are reluctant to return to the office

-Leaders face difficulties in managing their team remotely on the one hand and employees on the other enjoy this difficulty, enjoying relative autonomy with their own rules.

-If you want to restore trust or create more so you do not have to have the role of auditor

-Do not need a mediator to talk and build new communication bridges.


Your team will feel safe, productive, and ready to claim the success it deserves in the new challenging environment.


VUCA is an acronym first used in 1987, based on the leading theories of Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus – to describe or reflect on the variability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of general conditions and situations. In recent years, this acronym has played a large part in describing modern reality. My view is that as the conditions have developed over the last 2 years with the pandemic, the extreme phenomena, the destruction of the natural environment, and the recent war in Ukraine, this acronym does not represent correctly, rather it underestimates the modern conditions.

That’s why I added two more letters to give the feeling of more but also two new features of the new world. VUKA-ER


– Research on the significant challenges your company faces in the current environment.
– Focus on solutions from the team itself
– Feedback from me on appropriate behavior
– Action plan – the commitment to it

“A workshop I designed exclusively for companies that are ready to take action and turn today’s challenges into opportunities for stronger teams and more committed leaders.

In this way they increase the dedication of the talents and strengthen their leading position in the market”.


This workshop lasts 2 hours for up to 8 people. The duration and number of people can be changed to meet your needs and expectations.


Under discussion depending on the duration and number of people.