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One Colour, One Team

“A sky full of Stars” – One Colour one Team

Duration – 2 years


The situation before the project and the challenges we had to face and restore.

  • 4 unique hotels in different locations, with different cultures, organization system, and leadership,
  • challenges from many changes that they have been through in the near past



Purpose of the project

  1. To create a group of companies with a new and homogeneous culture. A culture that allows and inspires innovation and extroversion, exchange of information, and mutual support. A great team. That was the inspirational motto of the project. One color, one team, Blue
  2. Moreover to improve the coherence and efficiency of human resources, strengthen and support the new executive team of the group and the leaders of the hotels.
  3. HR strategy and HR management systems
  4. Development of coaching and leadership skills for the management team.
  5. Additionally, to set the foundation of a Human Resources Department with modern HR systems and train the new hire, the HR manager, after the completion of the project.

Ultimate Goal

The seamless growth of the Group based on a strong team of leading executives, dedicated and efficient staff with a clear HR strategy

“A unique project of co-creating a new culture with the engagement of all the personnel and the top management’s commitment during the whole program”


  • Co-creation of a new culture with a motivational vision, values ​​, and goals with the participation and engagement of all the personnel.
  • Implementation of “A sky full of stars” © by HRE, management model, strategic planning, and organization.
  • Substantial improvement of services provided and the numerical results
  • Outstanding employees’ collaboration, communication, and commitment in the whole project.
  • Significant empowerment of executive team and leadership enhancement
  • Successful introduction of human resource management systems such as 360 performance appraisal, systematic communication, training, satisfaction feedback, innovation special group, the employ of the month award, the team of the month award, the most innovative idea award.
  • Introduction of coaching culture for the whole personnel.
  • The group had a big achievement at the end of the project. They received the EFQM for the first time!
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