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Philosophy in Entrepreneurship

Marketing in Practice SBC TV S06 Ε123 Philosophy in Entrepreneurship

In the new TV episode of Marketing in Practice, marketing consultant Themis Sarandaenas and  Leadership Coach, invited to the Attica TV / SBC TV Channel studio, Barbara Asimakopoulou, discuss how the principles of Philosophy can strengthen entrepreneurship.

The principles of the Philosophy of the ancient Greeks can be used by individuals and entrepreneurs to improve their daily lives. In business, the entrepreneurial spirit and the business operation can be improved and at the same time, they can be placed on a renewed basis. Socrates, Aristotle, Plutarch, Epictetus, Epicurus, and many others inspire and guide entrepreneurs.

Απαντήθηκαν ερωτήματα όπως:

– How does Philosophy have a practical impact?

– How do we apply Philosophy every day in our business life?

– How can philosophy and what it presents in the study of human experience contribute to the concept of Leadership?

– Why do the leaders of tomorrow need Philosophy?

– How can inspiration from the Principles of Philosophy lead us to profit with moral content?

– What are the principles of Stoicism that best fit the Greek business reality?

– What are the regulatory principles that can ensure the operation of a business with consistency, efficiency, and ethical values?

And much more!

“The philosopher leader is the best leader, as Plato teaches us, because they know the purpose and not just the means and thus ensure the sustainability of the team and not just the victory of one battle.”