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  |  YOUR TIME OF POWER 2023 – Coaching, the bridge of Greeks everywhere
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YOUR TIME OF POWER 2023 – Coaching, the bridge of Greeks everywhere

“Coaching, the magic bridge of Greeks everywhere!”
“Your Time of Power 2023”
“Your time of Power begins now!”

For the 2nd year, the pioneering voluntary initiative “YOUR TIME OF POWER” (YOUR TOP) welcomes all Greeks worldwide who seek support and guidance to develop their self-awareness and achieve their goals.
We are a team of 20 volunteer professional Coaches and Coach leaders, joining forces again to connect and empower Greeks worldwide through coaching.
Our mission is to break down distances, connect, share concerns, and offer support to those who wish to experience the powerful experience of online coaching sessions.
With targeted questions, we will listen and support our compatriots in their pursuits and challenges.

YOUR TIME OF POWER 2023 – Timeline of actions! EXTENSION up to June 8th.

  • April 1st, 2023: We start promoting the project and sending out invitations to participate, and we invite Greeks worldwide to unite!
  • 8 – 28 May 2023. EXTENSION – June 8th: Starting with the “International Coaching Week,” May is a source of inspiration and success with coaching sessions!

The volunteer project “YOUR TIME OF POWER” is the fruit of the passion of the community of VIP Coaches and Coach Leaders from Greece and around the world. We enthusiastically combine our shared visions and goals for progress, happiness, and personal and professional development. We follow our dreams, overcome obstacles and create positive change regardless of place and origin.

Our community comprises students, alumni, and professors of the International Coaching Federation-ICF accredited program “Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice.”

YOUR TIME OF POWER celebrates four years of successful action! It started in 2020, during “International Coaching Week,” where we supported the struggling Greek society and economy sectors. That year, we provided free Coaching sessions to entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals addressing the challenges of the pandemic.
In 2021, we turned to the Teachers of the Aegean islands and Crete, while in 2022, we turned to Greeks abroad, a move that was the starting point of a wave of solidarity that continues this year, 2023, to create another bridge for Greeks everywhere!


We welcome you to our free coaching sessions dedicated primarily to Greeks who have lived or want to live abroad and are looking for ways to adapt to challenges successfully.
It is not at all easy to face difficulties such as language (60%), job search (50%), and integration into the culture of the new country (40%). If you belong to one of the following categories, then you are in the right place:
1. Greek residents outside of Greece,
2. Greek who recently returned to Greece,
3. A Greek who intends to live outside Greece.
By completing the form, we have prepared for you; you will open the door to valuable coaching sessions with integration experts, who will hand you the keys to face new challenges and successfully adapt to your life abroad.
Seize this opportunity to invest in yourself and conquer the challenges of changing countries. Trust the expertise of experts and reveal the possibilities hidden within you. Through the coaching sessions, you will discover the right tools to achieve your goals and take advantage of the opportunities living abroad offers.
Fill in the form and start the magical journey to success!

We want to invite you to answer the optional questions of the survey to get to know you more, prepare you, and prepare for the individual coaching sessions we will offer you (2 sessions X 45 minutes each).

This process aims to help you solve the issues that concern you, achieve your work and life goals, and enjoy happiness in your chosen place through collaboration with a reliable Coach.

Coaching is a dynamic dialectical collaboration that helps you discover your solutions. It is not education, psychotherapy, or counseling.



To spread this vital work, we are looking for enthusiastic partners from the media, online platforms, Greek associations with access to Greeks/nids outside Greece, and any other body inspired by this initiative and able to promote the action.


For more information and participation, please get in touch with Ms. Barbara Asimakopoulou: at +30 210 8160255 or +30 6937 444 118 or send an email to

Get the chance to contribute to this worthwhile initiative!


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Ρόη Φίλου, ICF ACSTH Certified Coach CSTP 2
Ειρήνη Νικολαΐδου, ICF PCC, Lead Mentor CSTP
Εύα Παγκάλου, ICF ACSTH Coach-in-Training CSTP 2-E
Μαριάννα Σιδερά, ICF ACSTH Coach-in-Training CSTP2-E
Όλγα Παπατριανταφύλλου, ICF Coach, Psychotherapist, Educator CSTP Mindfulness

Human Resources Expertise

Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice” Training Program ACSTH by ICF

Το εθελοντικό έργο “YOUR TIME OF POWER” (Η ώρα της Δύναμής σου) είναι μια πρωτοβουλία της ενεργούς κοινότητας των VIP Coaches και Coach Ηγετών (στην Ελλάδα και αλλού). Η κοινότητα αυτή περιλαμβάνει τους σπουδαστές, αποφοίτους και καθηγητές του διαπιστευμένου από την International Coaching Federation-ICF προγράμματος “Coaching Δεξιότητες & Εργαλεία στην Πράξη”. 

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01/04/2023 @ 9:00 am - 31/05/2023 @ 9:00 pm EEST
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Barbara Asimakopoulou
Human Resources Expertise