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Writing and Coaching. My own experience.

Let’s become a chain of emotionally content & fulfilled people.

Based on the 2021-22 research conducted by the Greek Organization for Collective Management of Speech Projects (OSDEL) and the opinions of reputable Greek publishers, it appears that there has been a rise in the number of Greeks who write and aspire to publish their works. In fact, according to Methenitis’ article in Athenorama on December 29, 2022, it seems that Greeks write more than they read.

As I was impressed, I asked the following questions.
-What does this mean exactly?
-Does it mean writing less and reading more?

I’ll tell you what I do!

I do whatever I want!

When I want to read, I read everything: newspapers, articles, poetry, literature, psychology, detective stories, dictionaries, travel books, history, biographies, etc.

I grew up in a family where books, a love for knowledge, and aesthetics were highly valued and considered a source of unique identity.

I’m not criticizing myself for anything!

I grew up in a family where the book, the love of knowledge, and the aesthetics were personal strengths and a source of unique identity.

So the more I read, the stronger I felt, and the more robust and more special I felt, the more I read. Sometimes, owning a book gave me a sense of power from the accumulated knowledge, even if I hadn’t read it yet.

I have confessed previously that during my teenage years, I enjoyed visiting different beautiful places and reading. I enjoyed going to gardens, museums, and unique cafes with an aesthetic appeal. Nowadays, I still visit beautiful places, but instead of reading, I go to write.

At one point, I felt my head overflowed with others’ ideas, opinions, and stories.

So, I started writing more than reading. Everything: poems, stories, plays, novels, quotes, articles, etc. I have filled drawers with pads, notebooks, A4 pages, scraps of paper, even napkins and post-it, with words and whatever came out of my head.

Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night, and my mind starts to come up with ideas that turn into complete stories. To ensure that I don’t forget these ideas, I keep a pad on my bedside table to quickly write them down as soon as I wake up. Unfortunately, there have been instances where I failed to wake up and lost these ideas forever.

It seems that Morpheus, the god of sleep, is more powerful than Calliope, the muse of writing.

After years of writing in a stormy rage, I felt the need to transform it into something useful.

My first book was purely professional. I wanted to help executives with the fundamentals of managing their team combined with a basic legal framework. So, my creative side was unleashed with a human resources guide. “The Manager’s Alphabet.” I worked in the HR field for TITAN Cement company at that time.

Some years later, “The Manager’s Alphabet” was published by Kritiki Publications under “The Art of Peace in the Workplace.”

When coaching entered my life, my writing obsession gained real meaning and an attractive, significant purpose.

To become an internationally impactful author who can help many more people.

I believe that a significant and authentic purpose can fill the gap that some struggle with for a lifetime and help them achieve emotional strength and balance.

I write to communicate, express, share, create, foster meaningful relationships, and be understood. Through this creative sharing, I nourished my soul.

If someone discovers this gift of God that nourishes their soul, they shouldn’t keep it to themselves. We can create a chain of emotionally content and fulfilled individuals by sharing it with others. Imagine the positive impact on the world!

With the help of coaching, I made my obsession with writing, which, for some people, I had to make “after retirement”, the center of my activity.

It wasn’t just a frivolous, inexplicable mania; it was the necessary nourishment of my soul, and it had a response.

The key lies in nurturing my soul while encouraging and inspiring others to lead improved lives. It involves destigmatizing desires that society deems “unprofitable” and integrating them meaningfully into their existence, just as I have done.

They feed their souls, and soul food precedes any other action as a prerequisite for any efficient and effective action.

If one discovers this God-given gift, they must not keep it to themselves but share it with others.

This way, we will become a chain of emotionally satisfied people.

-Tell me what effects this would have in the future.


I’ll think about it too and tell you in my next article

I invite you to get my new book, Philosophical Leadership: Become a Better Leader through the Lens of Philosophy and Coaching, for you and a friend who will benefit from Amazon or another online platform you prefer.

In this book, I share valuable knowledge, tools, and techniques to become an influential leader and enjoy a more fulfilling life with the help of coaching and the wisdom of the classical ancient Greek philosophers.

I don’t belong to any group of “typically authorized” writers, and I don’t mind.

I’m building my community of empowered, creative people who want to express themselves and nurture their souls.

– I’m happy with it, and you will be too!

-Yes, you will be happy!

So express, create, and let the artist in you emerge. This will make you stand out most beautifully, and it will be mutually beneficial for you, others, and society.

“Perhaps this debt belongs to us.”

So write!

Are you in need of assistance? I’m here to help as a fellow traveler who has walked both the bright and dark paths.

The help I asked for and had through individual coaching sessions.

I asked because this “divine rage” inside me said it was more than just an annoying obsession. Ultimately, it was liberating and a blessing.

Please make an appointment with me; I am eagerly waiting for you with an enticing offer!

My mission is to create leaders, visionaries, innovators, and strong individuals like my students, clients, coaches, leaders, and VIP community. They inspire me and, at the same time, continue to strengthen their impact and mission, resulting in more effective and happier leaders.

I always have a plan!

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