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Embrace Potentiality over Reality: Unveiling the Path to Fulfillment

Stop looking for reality; look for Potentiality
Connected to inner and outer opportunities and potentials.

See life through the lenses of Potentiality, not reality.
Inner and outer Potentiality are your best guides.
Stop being real or an incurable dreamer. You would rather be a potential winner.
Let’s see why.

Let’s shift our perspective from chasing reality to embracing Potentiality – both within ourselves and the world around us. Instead of being confined by what is, let’s explore what could be.

Imagine viewing life through the lens of Potentiality, guided by the inner and outer potentials that reside within us.

These potentials aren’t merely dreams; they’re the guiding stars leading us toward success.

Classical teachings, notably by Aristotle, emphasize the pursuit of a virtuous life for true happiness, a concept known as eudemonia.

Virtues like practical wisdom, justice, courage, self-control, generosity, and honesty form the backbone of our character. Practicing these virtues daily strengthens them, shaping ourselves into better individuals.

Modern scholars like Seligman and his team have expanded this list, adding virtues like creativity, leadership, teamwork, and empathy, which are crucial in today’s society.

The essence of virtue lies in finding the golden mean – the perfect balance between extremes. For instance, courage lies between recklessness and cowardice. It’s about acting appropriately, with the right intention, at the right time and place, with the right person, and with the right quantity.

In this context, the pursuit of Potentiality emerges as a modern virtue – the balanced approach to achieving eudemonia.

It’s the sweet spot between total denial and relentless dreaming;

it’s Potentiality in action.

Reality alone isn’t a virtue; it lacks the excess or deficit needed for growth.

However, when reality intertwines with purpose, it transforms into Potentiality – a blend of emotions, actions, and motion propelling us forward.

Seeking reality without purpose leads to aimless efforts, endless discussions, or incomplete creations.

Reality gains meaning when fused with purpose, leading to the discovery of our Potentiality.

Inner Potential encompasses our talents, motives, and aspirations, while outer Potential relates to the external factors – environment, society, finance, politics, technology, and relationships. Identifying our mission and understanding our exterior landscape enables us to craft an action plan while recognizing potential threats.

There is no objective reality because life is complicated and unforeseen.
So, there is no reason to be lost in such a mess.

This journey of self-discovery and exploration can be enriching. However, consider partnering with a seasoned guide, a Coach, who can facilitate and enrich this journey toward uncovering your Potential.

Education itself becomes a journey toward realizing our inner and outer Potential.

It’s about transcending the limitations imposed by reality and stepping into a realm where potential reigns supreme.

Reality is intricate and subjective, making it challenging to decipher. However, Potentiality is the vibrant chaos where subjectivity offers control, guiding us through uncertainty.

In conclusion, let me say that I am here, sharing this insight with you, standing as a beacon for your happiness.

You are always in my heart; I am a soldier of your happiness. I prefer to see potential and meaningful true north for you.

I choose to see potential and meaning in your journey.

What do you prefer?

I hope it’s a resounding “yes” to embracing your Potentiality and possibilities!

This question is rhetorical; my heartfelt desire is for your ascent towards your true north, guided by the tapestry of possibilities that lie within and around you.

In this whole game, the coach can help.

Every athlete has their coach to set goals and stretch themselves to reach them. How about behavioral goals that lead to a better daily life, better relationships and communication, a positive way of thinking, being, and acting, and ultimately becoming a better and happier person and leader?

Engage a coach for yourself and offer credible and effective coaching education to your leaders, especially to the chosen ONE.

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