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The meaning of Philosophical Leadership

What is Philosophical Leadership;

Philosophical Leadership is more than just another leadership method in the sea of world literature. It is a new mindset, a new culture, and finally, a new way of life.
A way of life that works in all aspects of your life.
At work, in your social role, in your everyday life.

A meaningful leadership lifestyle inspired by ancient Greek philosophy.

According to Cicero, Socrates is the first philosopher who brought philosophy down from heaven to earth, i.,e. the philosophers’ engagement with man gave the first “method,” the good life, the virtuous life.

Then Socrates’ student Plato and Plato’s student Aristotle added the political dimension.

That is, the good life, the happy life, and the pursuit of Aristotelian happiness – eudemonia, include the common good.

And they are right!

One can only live well by paying attention to the influence one has on one’s environment.

If we think of Leadership as an influence, an undoubted impact, then we are all potential leaders.

First, as leaders, we have control and influence over ourselves and our actions.

So, as leaders, as humans who influence and create history, I suggest using “Philosophy” first to recognize our power and then exploit it for ourselves and others as best we can.

My motto is: You can do better!

So, the model of Leadership that I propose is The Philosophical Model or The Philosophership Model, as it is named in the book because it includes what philosophers do combined with Leadership. From the past to the present, philosophers have explored why we live and the appropriate way to live.

For today’s leaders, I suggest doing the same:

– To see their life in two dimensions, precisely the following:

– To learn why they do something and then what they do to achieve it.


What motivates them as leaders to exercise Leadership, to inspire and excite others so they do their work correctly, provide the solutions themselves, and become better professionals and people?

The why has to do with the internal motivation of each of us, i.e., the sum of values, desires, needs, and beliefs

The stronger the motivation, the more likely the Leader will overcome any obstacle that is or will always be present.

Moreover, Leaders prepare new leaders, not loyal followers but unique and powerful leaders.

I don’t use the word “guidance on purpose. Guidance for others, is intertwined with Leadership.

The Coach Leader inspires not “guides”.

Philosophical Leadership” is a model that combines philosophy and Coaching. The biggest and most challenging coaching skill is the self-responsibility and accountability of the coachee, the partner, or your team member.

The Leader conquers the other person’s accountability with their spontaneous and voluntary participation, which a coach can achieve.

A coach leader who embraces Coaching is not just someone with some coaching skills, e.g., active listening or appropriate questions; they are trained and practice the entire coaching methodology. This magical process of Coaching starts with creating trust, continues with the activation, and achieves the intended change to benefit the partner or the coachee.

Everyone’s eyes are on the Leader; that’s why the Leader has fanatical followers and fanatical enemies or rivals.

Are you too sensitive to handle this enormous challenge?

I am very sensitive, and I have been working on this with the help of Coaching.

– Finally, I can be a bold and dreamer leader without giving up.

It has to do with your internal forces and your external help.

-Inner strengths are the virtues you need to practice

-External help is about understanding the community you build with your friends, students, your partners, and the future leaders you create.

In addition, with this book, I want to show you how you can be an effective and happy leader.

Self-awareness = Prerequisite- background.

Self-awareness is fundamental and a prerequisite for the above two dimensions – the why and the how.

Self-awareness, like wisdom, comes slowly through the knowledge and experiences we acquire gradually.

Self-awareness has three dimensions:

– What can I

– What do I want?

– The external conditions that exist each time.

As leaders, we have a tremendous opportunity to create positive change in the world. By prioritizing philosophy, recognizing our power, and using it to benefit ourselves and others, we can build a brighter future for all. Let’s embrace this responsibility and work together to make a meaningful impact.

I will talk to you about the above and much more you need in my new book, Philosophical Leadership: Become a Better Leader through the Lens of Philosophy and Coaching.

In this book, I share invaluable knowledge, experiences, tools, and techniques to become an influential leader and enjoy a more fulfilling life with the help of coaching and the wisdom of the classical ancient Greek philosophers.

I encourage you to buy it for yourself and gift it to a friend from Amazon or another online platform you prefer. It is globally marketed worldwide through the IngramSpark distribution network and other subsidiaries covering printing in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. The e-book is available in 25+ online bookstores in the Middle East, including Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.

That’s it for now; the rest is in the book!

My mission is to create leaders, visionaries, innovators, and strong like my students and my clients, coaches and leaders, my VIP community, who inspire me and, at the same time, strengthen their influence capacity and mission for more effective and happier leaders.

I always have a plan!

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