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Quality does not always keep up with success

The hidden “arrogance” of humility.

Do you want to be the next one who will leave this life and be recognized after death?
Do you know how many thousands of remarkable people existed, in all lengths and widths of the earth, who had a great message or work to share and who did not find the recognition they deserved when they were in life?

Of course, you can imagine that this number will be huge!

Some “lucky” the message of their outstanding work has arrived. After death!

Another event from which the above is found is the funerals.

How many times have the achievements of this great person been described in a glamorous and moving way, which you certainly didn’t know before, in their funeral oration?

Then you said. Whenever have they done all this? How great a person were they? Too bad I didn’t know them more!

With some specific criteria, they may not have been great, but they certainly had something worthwhile to show the people who passed by.

What a shame; we knew all their great messages and achievements at their funeral.

Of course, you can justify it and say:

They have been humble!


As a Greek society, we have been nourished with this value. In addition, the exact value of humility has been adopted in recent years in the international business industry.

This value is misunderstood; it may be an alibi for not daring to talk more about their high expectations or goals.

These great people’s messages may have helped 10, 20, or 30 people, most likely in their immediate environment.

-What would happen if this message inspired more people, not only the close ones and not after death but during their life?

-What would they have earned, what would they have achieved, and what would the world have won?

What do you think?

The above is my concern. Could it be yours too?

For most of my life, I was also “humble,” I was still hesitating, or I would say better, “hiding” by finding an alibi behind this commonly accepted social behavior and would say more convenient value.

Convenient because I didn’t make much effort to transmit my message to more people. So I didn’t give so much effort, and in addition, I was not very exposed to any criticism – another internal obstacle – since I did not transmit it to a larger scale.

My efforts and the transmission project of my message were limited.

Until I got a passion!

I met coaching!

Being humble does not mean being hidden.

Being humble means transmitting your message without imposing yourself as an authority on other people and without underestimating their knowledge and experience, respecting and asking them about it. Being humble means sharing to hear and learn too.

I was trained in coaching by one of the most reliable organizations in the world, practiced it, put it in my daily life, and entered a new community of people, visionaries, socially sensitive, and activated.

I am one of the most dedicated and ardent coaching professionals because it is the best solution for happy people and efficient businesses. Coaching is the only solution to making people more satisfied in life and work and improving society.

So how could I remain “humble” and transmit this valuable message without giving it the best chances?

I changed the interpretation of being humble!

Being humble does not mean being hidden.

You are humble means transmitting your message without imposing yourself as an authority on other people and without underestimating their knowledge and experience, respecting and asking them about it. Share to hear and learn too.

It is humble who continue to evolve and progress but simultaneously communicate effectively with people, consistently and systematically transmitting what good does for themself and others.

How do you find the above?

Everyone is unique, and the best competition is with themself. When the most significant competitor is yourself, you are not competing but dominant!

Don’t compete, Dominate! 

Says the famous Jim Ron. I give this explanation to Jim’s wise quote.

Become better and dominate yourself by carrying it as you should, not with extremely noisy extroversion but with the right extroversion that suits you.

I invite you to schedule a meeting with me here  to see the message you want to be recognized now and not after death.

We can work together for it in 3 ways:

  1. Personal sessions of 1: 1 discovery and action towards achieving your goals and the positive influence you want to have.
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Better life, work, and business !!!

The most practical you need today and every day for you, your team, and your business.

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