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The power of words

 The happiness expressed lasts.

Since I was a little girl, I have admired people who skillfully handle the language. Craftsmanship, to me, means a rich vocabulary of carefully chosen words that accurately convey the meaning of the speaker or writer and contain emotional power.

In my experience, such people are also popular speakers.

As a professional Coach and a teacher of experienced coaches, I always deal with excessive diligence with the language I use in my communication, whether interpersonal or in my speeches, in my writings everywhere.

Prof. Babiniotis’ dictionary of synonyms and antonyms is a valuable aid.

I feel blessed to come from a family that inspired me from a young age to read and appreciate all the people of the spirit who stood out occasionally. I have read thousands of books and consider myself indebted to them in addition to unparalleled knowledge. This good vocabulary allows me to communicate effectively with people in writing or orally.

In recent years I have realized the limitless potential of the right words that include a positive and empowering perspective.

I came up with the following priceless secrets of happiness that I want to share with you.

Words are a communication tool and, at the same time, represent our experiences.

If we change the words we usually use to express our experiences, we can change our experiences.

Our inner wealth is indeed expressed only by a rich vocabulary.

We are proud and lucky that the Greek language has such a rich vocabulary that we can find the right one to express best our thoughts, ideas, personality, and aspirations to describe and empower us.

Somewhere there is a word out there looking to find you.

The simpler your vocabulary is, the more you close the door on it.

Poor vocabulary leads to deficient expression of ideas, values, and feelings.

The impoverishment of the vocabulary leads to the impoverishment of your valuable inner powers.

Words are a communication tool and, at the same time, represent our experiences.
If we change the words we usually use to express our experiences, we can change our experiences.
Words are tools for expressing meanings as well as a source of emotions.

Ten ways to develop a rich vocabulary and effective written or spoken language.

1. Always listen carefully.
2. You read all kinds of literature.
3. You listen and read the masters of the spoken word through movies, plays, speeches, radio, audiobooks, blogs, articles, newspapers, etc.
4. You hang out with people who handle language well and know how to say the right thing at the right time in the right way.
5. You attend language training courses, such as creative writing.
6. You read dictionaries with synonyms and antonyms, such as Prof. Babiniotis’ excellent dictionary, which I refer to often.
7. Hear yourself talking. Record a speech and listen to it later. What are you doing well? What can you fix?
8. Resist common expressions or repetitive words; enrich your vocabulary with new words.
9. Practice speaking and writing, participate in speeches, write, write articles, reviews, and books.
10. Create your blog and your newsletter.

-Write down the experiences you want to have and put an empowering word next to them.
-E.g., at 11.00, I will have a fully efficient conversation with my client. I am perfectly prepared, and I will shine.

If you don’t know what experiences you want in your life, then all the more reason to search with patience and enthusiasm for the right word.

-Do you want a good life or an extraordinary life?
-Do you want a good breakfast or a refreshing breakfast?
-Do you want a new experience, an exciting experience?
-Are you an honest person or a completely reliable partner?

Pythia had said to some of her oracles:
“If you don’t look where you want to go, you will go where you look.”

Think about where you want to go and write it down in precise words.

With words that bring out intense emotion and have inner strength, words that inspire you and get you going there..running!

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